27 Luglio 2017

The new chandeliers by LE PORCELLANE


Le Porcellane Home and Lighting presents the new lighting collections 2017 with a project inspired by Sicily. These two collections drew their inspiration from Noto, a wonderful city of artistic and architectural interest and perfect example of the culmination and final flourishing phases of European Baroque style. The unique and exclusive embellishments typical of the XVII century are a predominant feature in these new porcelain creations, decorated with austere lines of the wrought iron covered in gold and silver.

The wrought iron structures are inspired by Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata, the most majestic palace of the city; these lines boldly decorate the porcelains and combine exuberant baroque traits with the luminous severity of porcelain.

The elegance of the colours in the palace’s frescos adorn the sinuous porcelain shapes, is fired at 1300 degrees celsius, following the “granfoco” tradition. The same decorations are used on the entire line of products, for both the Principe and Villadorata collections. These include appliqués and floor lamps as well as the table accessories in the Principe collection - a champagne glacette and centrepiece, both with pure crystal bases.