Emmemobili has presented spaces and well-structured atmospheres, where it was possible to live the house experience of Emmemobili. Pleasantness and welcome are sensations, that are transferred through the attention to details, the material combination and through the balance between shapes and volumes, that alternate in the space in a measured manner.

And in this context, their lighting objects are the leitmotiv, completing the Living and Dining spaces in a refined and unique way.

ARIA design by Adele Martelli

Create a no-monolithic table, able to transfer a sense of lightness. Lightness and strength. This is the oxymoron that guided the design of Aria.
Air that can be gentle as the pleasant spring breeze or blustering as a strong stormy wind.
In this way, the table top and its legs become one, molded in “free form” as a result of a heavy storm, that it managed to resist despite its lightness, thanks to its tenacity, presence, and strength of its body. The high-thickness legs merge with the top and, through the irregular geometries of the joints and the use of the materials, play in creating an object, that lives of similes or of differences.

MEMOIRE design by Adele Martelli

Mémoire is not just a table, it is a precious object, where soft and sinuous lines are weaved together composing reassuring but not expected geometries. Just by looking at it, the beauty of signs, surfaces and tones from the past springs to mind. Thereby its every curve becomes nearly a touch and envelopes as a soft, graceful and welcoming hand, who uses it. Displayed with the top in grey-stained ash root wood and in the round version.

CONFIDENTIAL design by Adele Martelli

Like a jewelry case, a door in particular enriches itself and communicates its value, thanks to a frame, in which different material can be mounted.
Declined with different volumes, the Confidential family adapts itself to different living and dining situations and it can be endowed flexibly according to the client’s needs. The higher one, for example, can be endowed with accessories that contextualize it also as a bar-cabinet.

SPARKLE design by Adele Martelli

Not just a bookshelf. Sparkle was also born as an architectural element, that can be used as divider for large spaces, developed even on great heights.
An object that can also become a project element, featuring almost heavenly surfaces, where the thicknesses are enhanced and enriched by the insertion of a brass profile, which gives a precious glare. The vertical elements have been thought in order to enhance the possibility of double-side use and they have been conformed to welcome different finishes.

KAMAI design by Adele Martelli

This storage unit family gathers, with its soft and reassuring shape, but not obvious, all the refinement of the past, reinterpreting it in a contemporary flavor, that perfectly integrates in different living and dining contexts.
The game, created between the upper and lower top, reinterprets in a different key the traditional concept of storage unit. Kamai, indeed, doesn’t feature a monolithic volume, but a game of surfaces, that encloses and shields our objects.