• What?
    WWTS Life TV It’s a video channel that brings you inside the best factories we represent
  • How?
    Thanks to exclusive videos and interviews made directly with the producers under the guidance of our editorial staff
  • Why?
    To tell you what’s behind every product we sell: culture, history, craftsmanship and art


Henge | Loft

Paolo Tormena takes us inside the Loft Henge.
A space of 1600 completely revisited according to the unique and inimitable style of this Italian company. Style, uniqueness and welcome, what more?

Here is the WWTS life tv special dedicated to Henge.

Discover with us all the details of this fabulous brand.

Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo represents Italian art in craftsmanship and in the creation of unique kitchens. Real masterpieces for professional but also domestic use.

Andrea Gullo tells us in this video the features of a p70 series machine.

Discover all the details and enter the Officine Gullo world.

Riva 1920

Anna and Daniele Tagliabue told us about their wonderful Emmemobili company. A company that has been able to make wood an exclusive tool for realizing real works of art. Unique details and finishes that also transform into boiserie walls to complement the furnishings.


An exciting journey to one of the most famous companies in Brianza.
Here the whole interview by WWTS life TV

Riva 1920

“Wood is science in itself, it is up to the cabinetmaker to make it art”
Anna, Davide and Maurizio Riva

Are you ready to enter inside one of the companies that thinks about wood like a real form of Art?

Davide, Maurizio and Anna have opened us the doors of their company and have accompanied us on a journey full of culture, passion and crafts unique in the world.