Best Interior design project with WWTS

Best Interior design project with WWTS

ARCHILAB is the winner of the 2019 edition

One of the most renowned interior architecture firms in the Muscovite interior design scene.

A guarantee when it comes to high-end furnishings with particular regard to Made in Italy; an ideal partner for WWTS where details, style, uniqueness and quality of Italian production become a worldwide recognized signature.
The owner, Irma, has been managing the studio since 2002 (the year in which it was founded), she loves Italy and through her projects manages to enhance the qualities of the products to the fullest.
We exchanged a few words to understand what her passions are and how she lives her work.

How did your business start?
It was about 20 years ago, when I was very unexperienced but young and brave to start my own company. And this was the same period, when I met Silverio. Couldn’t wish anything more now, looking back at those times – he shared not only his great contacts with the companies he was representing, but also his knowledge and courage. It was much more, then just a business contact – a rare personal attitude and confidence.

What do you like most about Italian design?
Design in Italy means years and years of tradition, of hard work and experience carried by generations. That’s why it’s always greatly respected worldwide. I believe, only traditional education and studying can drive you to bold and modern ideas in design.

How has the furniture market changed in Moscow in recent years?
The market is changed, because our clients are changing. They are now much more educated in field of design, acknowledged with many new tendencies, ready for experiments. Most important part is still trust between architect and his client – a clue to successful project.

What are the main market trends that you can point out today?
At the end we are slowly drifting from classic to more modern approach in interior design.

What is the main gratification when you end an interior design project?
Every single time it’s an amazing feeling – to see how grey, empty cement box turns into a cozy space, full of emotions and ready for living there.

How did your collaboration with WWTS starts? What is your most vivid memory of working with Silverio Marian?
Our collaboration is going on and vivid moments happen quite often. Silverio and his team are always there to help me when I’m working over a project. Very often we request information immediately, and there is always a response, WWTS team is available for us almost 24/7.

What’s the main and the latest project that you worked for in which WWTS partnership has been fundamental and the result was very good?
We executed a great project of a private house in Paris, where there was a big scope of work for WWTS companies. We did a complicated thus inspiring job there. Also we executed a very small, but still cute apartment. Which means – size of the project is not that important. Work can be greatly done anyway.

Irma & Silverio in Venice

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