WWTS mission is to create a lasting relationship between customers and the represented companies, building around the professional relationship friendship and a mutual respect relation. In addition to frequent visits to its sales dealers, the Agency stands out in the organization of events and in the management of its advertising image thanks to a large sales force deployed on the territory in 11 representative offices. The Back Office is very attentive to finalize quotations and orders. Thanks to a computer program created specifically for WWTS, dealers and agency can interact with Italian furnishing producers thus ensuring maximum transparency. This special computer program makes it possible to have everything under control whenever and wherever you are. Dealers can in real time check theirs order status and Italian furniture producers’ managers can, even while travelling, check out which orders went into production on a given day.

The office Located in Moscow City, the new commercial and business area of the capital, represents the core business of the Agency and it is from there that the sales force, composed of about 20 area managers, operates. The sales managers are dedicated to areas in and around Moscow, up to the Volga in the East and to the Caucasus Republics — Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia — in the South . The division of furnishing producers among the area managers is made on the basis of geographic areas or type of business (e.g. bathroom, coverings, accessories). In the Moscow premises there is a space dedicated to the exhibition of products and samples, such as fabrics, accessories and coverings, which require immediate tactile perception when they are presented to customers. In these premises training courses for all area managers and for the staff working in sales points are organized. The latter are awarded a certificate of presence testifying their knowledge of WWTS new proposals. Finally, there are frequent events and cocktail parties organized in order to present new collections where designers, customers and sector journalists take part.

Satellite offices guarantee WWTS presence in the major regional cities, from which it is possible to move on to the bordering areas of the Urals, Siberia and the far North, in cities where there are 4 months of darkness in winter and 4 months of bright light in summertime!

With a view to the great potential of the Republics of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in early 2013 WWTS decided to open a Central Office in Almaty, where service in the area is guaranteed by two in-house employees and a manager constantly travelling in the surroundings.

Located in the Centre of Kiev, the Office has 5 employees organizing the work throughout the whole Ukrainian territory. The Office is the central core from which the working material and documentation are distributed. This means that in one or at most two days, it is possible to travel to any city in the country and submit the portfolio of represented companies, as well as organize the training of personnel working in the sales points.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City since 2013, this office stands as a support point for corporate representation across the Southeast Asia, China, and Hong Kong area.